A show via a phone call at Anywhere Festival

Last year, Anywhere Festival got a taste of “Z24” – a 12-hour live-stream of a dysfunctional newsroom as it gradually fell prey to a zombie apocalypse.

Coming live to you once again, wherever you are, is – The Telefon.

The world is recovering from a brutal zombie invasion. Most of the Z24 team have met a grisly end – some have re-emerged as hideous mutants. Those remaining, however, are desperate to rebuild the studio and continue to provide the quality, hard-hitting news that it was shelling out before The Incident. They’ll need all the help they can get.

That’s where you, the audience, comes in. The Z24 team are overwhelmed, but they don’t need money – they need advice. How do you rebuild a studio from the ground up? Where should that painting go? Where can you get reliable interns that don’t keep asking for money?

Your ticket purchase signs you up to receive phone calls all evening. Take the show with you on a night out, or snuggle up in bed with a glass of wine and wait for the calls to roll in. Pass the phone around your family and friends – chances are you’ll be called upon more than once. The fate of the studio rests in your hands.

Telefon will be streamed live online, and is free to watch. (The studio will be closed for live audiences while the threat of mutants is currently so high) You can buy a ticket at any time and wait for the calls to roll on in.

Existing in the grey area between film and theatre, The Telefon will be two hours of unpredictable, audience-led improv with a heavy dose of satire. Programming will also be spliced with some of the strangest pre-filmed ads you’ve ever seen.

“Parody was so funny…performers were quick thinking” – Natasha Hayes, Anywhere Theatre Festival reviewer on Z24.

Brought to you by Lightning Bolt Creative, winners of the Brisbane 48 Hour Film Project Awards for Audience Choice and Production Design.