Space available for rehearsals and workshops

Thanks to Aria Property Group, the people behind Fish Lane, we are able to offer the old Stefan Hair Salon Training Building (aka the Fringe Brisbane building) at 23 Manning Street, South Brisbane over the next few months at cheap rates for rehearsals and workshops as we get ready to activate it for Anywhere Festival from 4-21 May 2023.


Bookings currently open from Saturday 4 February to the end of April.

Bookings are for rehearsals, workshops, small classes with preference to independent performance artists and to 2023 Anywhere Festival artists in particular.

The Chandelier Room

Large room with high ceiling used to seat 70-80 people. Ideal for rehearsals with large casts.

The Front Room

Open to Manning Street, this room is a standard ceilinged but with plenty of open space to rehearse and better for text based plays

The Middle Room

Double height room half the size of the Front Room that we used as the photography studio in the lead up to and during Fringe Brisbane.

The Upstairs Workshop Room BOOK

Ideal for small groups who also want to isolate themselves sound wise from the rest of the building.

Two off street parking spots are also available for booking during 7am-5pm. Street parking is free outside those hours on week days and on weekends.

If you are interested in booking parts or all of the building for a public event with 10+ people, contact us at [email protected] to discuss.

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