Sound Embassy REVIEW by M. Cross

Review of Sound Embassy by M. Cross

Listening to the rhythms of “Sound Embassy” was an enjoyable way to start a Friday night. It was my first Anywhere Theatre show for the year and a great choice. Being held in the beautiful Dome Lounge of the Museum of Brisbane in City Hall set the ambience. It was an intimate show with less than 40 people and felt more like enjoying friends (albeit very talented ones) jamming in your lounge room. The appreciative audience was culturally diverse, befitting the current theme of the museum: “100% Brisbane”. 

The trio consists of Brisbanites Dheeraj Shrestha (tabla percussionist), Tnee Dyer (jazz pianist), and Andy Garcia (classical guitarist). Individually, they are all accomplished musicians; together they are magic. Remarkably, it was their first live performance playing together.

The first piece they played was called “Belonging” and was composed for the BrisAsia Festival 2018.  It was a gentle, mediative tune to get the audience relaxed. All their numbers (except the encore) were original pieces or improvised music.  The next piece was a love song and featured the tabla and Nepali folk drums. It was reminiscent of trekking in the himals of Nepal, Dheeraj’s homeland. The artists blended Eastern and Western music and led us on a spiritual journey. “Temple” written by Anthony followed, which pulled together the different styles and cultures of the three artists. Then came a lovely story about music and lunch and “Five Fishes” with it’s beautiful harmonies. Then an Espanola piece featuring Anthony’s guitar solos. 

The encore was a song which everyone recognised but not like we had ever heard before. The variety of tempos and styles was evidence of their passion for music. My only criticism? It was too short. This was the first of three Friday Night Concert series and I can’t wait to see the next round of performers.

Friday 18 May – Cheap Trill and 26 May – Songwriters in the Dome.