2018 Festival Program and Resources

Midnight 30 November is the deadline to confirm your participation in the 2018 Anywhere Theatre Festival program by paying for the Program and Resources below.

Also add your free tickets to the 9 DECEMBER ALL DAY WORKSHOP – Provided FREE, but spaces will be limited to a maximum of two people per production. This will be a fantastic way to get your production kickstarted, meet other participants and be inspired by some fantastic guests.

PLUS You have until 31 January to choose any of the additional items to add to your cart, or you can lock them in right now.

PUBLIC LIABILITY – If you do not have your own public liability, you will need this to cover you and everyone involved with your Anywhere Theatre Festival production.

DOUBLE LISTING – Some productions need more space than the regular 50 words. If you want to double your space in the program, select this option.

ARTIST PASSES – For the first time artist passes have been factored in with two for each production. If you require more, select them here.