The Reunion (Arana Hills)

Presented by Minerva Theatre Co. and Anywhere Festival Moreton Bay


You’re invited to the class of 2013’s 10 year reunion! We are so excited to hear how your education at Mt. St. Celine has fuelled your success. We are offering a night of connection and enjoyment at a boutique venue.  Tickets are essential, please let us know of your attendance in advance. As we are representing Mt. St. Celine, please dress according to the college’s  values: wisdom, fortitude and authenticity.


The Reunion is an audience immersive, comedic performance presented in Brisbane and Moreton Bay. Audiences are enrolled as past students who are also attending the reunion – be prepared to listen to the character’s stories, play a game or two (whilst remaining seated) and watch old grievances come to light. 


Audiences will be invited to hear one character’s side of the story, will everything they say be true? You may want to return to hear another version of events. You may be asked what you’ve achieved since high school… will you tell the truth? Or will you invent a more Insta worthy story? 


Please Note: Our performances at Blutes Bar are strictly 18+. For audience members under 18, please attend our Moreton Bay shows in Arana Hills. 


Produced by: Tyra Pohlman & Sophie Heather

Written by: Sophie Heather

Script Advisors: Tyra Pohlman & Tish Bourke

Starring: Tyra Pohlman, Téa Gross, Lachie Mackie, Freya Crema & Dom Ryan


This interactive experience will be held at two locations: Blutes Bar, a pub with a hint of karaoke in the heart of the Fortitude Valley & The Hills Community District Centre, a small cozy hall tucked in the bushland of Arana Hills.