The Birds & the Bees

Described as a sexy female Attenborough, Dr Kit (aka the Bee Babette), performs her spicy science comedy, The Birds & the Bees!

A blend of aerial circus, science, comedy and burlesque, this show is full of love, laughs, and lust, as the ‘Dr of the Bees’ delves into the sex lives of plants, and their pollinators. 

Having performed at Sexpo, The Rechabite, Wynnum Fringe, Bunbury Fringe, Fringe Festival, and Adelaide Fringe, the Bee Babette is now bringing the buzz to Anywhere Festival Moreton Bay!


“Her science comedy will provide the most engaging introduction into the science of pollination, filled with memes, puns and saucy tales.” ~ The Cross Pollinator, 2023

“Loved every minute of it” ~ Wynnum Fringe, 2023

“I love that you are forging your own path between science, art, and female empowerment.” ~ audience feedback from ‘Dr Kit presents The Birds & the Bees’ at The Rechabite 2023