The Big D

Welcome to The Big D, a thrilling escapade immersing you in the glitzy, alcohol-infused world of drag. 

Prepare for a rollercoaster journey through the larger-than-life experiences of Abril LaTrene and the unmasked persona of Shaun Birtles. 

This show is a mosaic of comedy, cabaret, drag, storytelling, and soulful melodies, weaving together a tale that’s as brave as it is bold.

Dive into this unique first-person adventure, promising an evening of laughter, heartwarming moments, and a few surprise revelations along the way. 

With every performance, expect a cutting-edge, chuckle-inducing, and tear-jerking theatre experience that resonates long after the curtain falls.

Adding to the enchantment, each night welcomes a local talent, gracing the stage with their own artistry, enhancing the already mesmerising spectacle. 

The Big D guarantees an unforgettable exploration into the world of drag, offering an escape filled with laughter, emotion, and the celebration of authenticity.