Songs for Absent Beauty

In the intimacy of a hairdressing salon and in the impossible-to-achieve-physical-perfection of a dance studio, three artists explore the ephemeral nature of beauty.  The female body. Pleasure, function and form. In a world obsessed with appearance, the artists conjure softness, gratitude and reflections on a quiet beauty. 

Weaving songs and intimate poetic stories, fleshbound universes of beauty, shame, comparison, condemnation, compassion and triumph are revealed. With engaging words and music that beckons connection, Songs for Absent Beauty offers a gentle and absorbing invitation to see the self through new eyes. 

Beauty as delight in the senses. Beauty as moral goodness. Beauty as flawlessness. Beauty as function. Colonised beauty. Beauty as myth for deconstruction. Beauty in the eye of the beholder or beauty enhanced by shared acknowledgement of its existence. 

Songs for Absent Beauty is an immersive and intelligent inquiry into the perception of beauty. Come look in the mirror.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Parental guidance recommended. Contains themes of childbirth, eating disorders, and chronic illness. For those who enjoy self-reflection and find themselves inhabiting a physical body.