SAFE: written by Tony Glazer and Anthony Ruivivar

Presented by Hereafter Production Co. and Anywhere Festival 

Armed robbers force five unwilling strangers into a bank vaultThe door is sealed shut. No one knows who is outside or how long they will be trapped there. Will they make it out alive? The group must strategize to stay alive and escape. Multiple conflicting personalities in one room are a recipe for disaster – who will become the leader and guide the group to safety? As the hours go by their strengths and weaknesses will be tested while secrets and lies come undone; Are they going to come together or tear each other apart in the name of freedom? 

This performance is at Edith Cavell Building located within the reinvigorated Herston Quarter. Sporting lush lawns and rich local history, the former nurses’ quarters will play home to this dark comedy-thriller.


TW: references to sexual assault, murder, homophobia, misogyny, weapons, course language, and violence