Recipe for Relativity

Presented by Here + There Productions and Anywhere Festival

A quantum warped machine, a message from the stars, and an inter-dimensional traveller who just wants to go home. 

Hadley Erstwhile Vector needs to get home – fast. The problem? Hadley is from another dimension, and their quantum transporter was scrambled when they atom-jumped into our reality. With their DNA beginning to break down from prolonged inter-dimensional exposure, they’re running out of time and need all the help they can get. Can you disentangle their disorderly devices and decode their distorted dimensional drive before it’s too late?

After last year’s sell-out season of ‘In Melodiam’, Here + There are back with another immersive escape room-in-a-suitcase! ‘Recipe For Relativity’ combines the excitement of interactive theatre with puzzle-solving fun in a wild and warped adventure that’s not to be missed.

Use the promo code RELATIVITY when buying all six tickets to a single session for a discount!

Catch this performance at two different locations! Enjoy a $5 food/drink voucher included with your ticket when you book at Cinnamon and Co, a delightful vegan café in West End. Or book in at the Anywhere Festival Hub at Stefan’s Salon in South Brisbane, with wheelchair access and amenities available here.