Presented by CONNECT DANCE ENSEMBLE and Anywhere Festival

PPL PWR (People Power), is an immersive work of contemporary dance that explores how we communicate with each other visually, verbally, and physically in order to form meaningful and impactful connections. Removing the space between seating and stage, the dancers perform for and with the audience to create a three-dimensional production that is intimate and inviting.

Audience participation is encouraged so please wear comfortable shoes and clothes you can groove in. We will provide seating for those who need it.

Connect Dance Ensemble is an independent company who create and perform immersive contemporary dance work with a mission to connect with its audience in new and exciting ways. Our work is a product of collaboration and the willingness to explore any and every idea. Director and choreographer, Grace Campbell, would like to acknowledge the six dancers who helped bring this performance to life.

The Ensemble

  • Tom Bird
  • Clare Dark
  • Kesley Dell
  • Esmée Henry
  • Anastasia Vogelsang

This performance is at Archerfield Airport Departure Lounge, a beautiful space where you can watch the sunset and see airplanes coming in and out.