No Exit

Dive into the raw and the real with Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit.

In this gripping play, three strangers find themselves stuck in a mysterious room, forced to confront the messy truths of their own lives. Sartre puts the human condition under a spotlight, exploring the tangled web of identity, choices, and the uncomfortable dance of relationships. 

“Hell is other people,” the characters proclaim, and you’ll feel the weight of those words as the story unfolds. 

No Exit isn’t your typical play; it’s a deep dive into the messiness of being human. Expect to question your own choices, cringe at the characters’ missteps, and maybe even recognise a bit of yourself in the mix. 

No fancy theatrics, just an unfiltered exploration of existence that’ll stick with you long after the curtain falls. Come for the realness, stay for the uncomfortable truths. We promise it’s a wild ride.


This project is supported by the Regional Arts Development Fund, a partnership between the Queensland Government and City of Moreton Bay to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.