I’m Not Entirely Here

Presented by Vena Cava Productions and Anywhere Festival

Who are you when nobody’s watching?

What if thoughts and memories were so strong they could create worlds? Worlds that reflect all the things you love, fear, and hide from. Worlds that creep into the deepest parts of your psyche and make a home.

If given the chance, would you step into this world or would you run and hide?

I’m Not Entirely Here is a new immersive experience that explores change, identity, and persona. It invites audiences to take a leap of faith, and step into an uncanny world born from the hopes and fears of a young woman, as she attempts to move on from what was and into what could be.

Personifying the worries of contemporary youth culture, the show explores the effects years of isolation have had on the growth, development, and identity of young Australians today.

Join us for a journey into the mind, and help uncover the parts we keep hidden, even from ourselves.


This performance is at Old Stefan Salon, one of Anywhere Festival’s hub venues and a space designed for independent performance makers to have a place to create new works.