A Drop Too Many

Presented by Maxi Mossman and Anywhere Festival

Destroyed in the dry, drowned in the wet.

Water shapes the story of this country, it shapes our landscapes, our communities and our culture. We are at its mercy.

While immersed in natural bushland, you’ll be taken on a journey through the ebbs and flows of drought and flood in Australia. Created in response to the recent QLD and Northern NSW floods and droughts, A Drop Too Many is a site-specific, physical and visual theatre experience that highlights community strength in the presence of disaster.
Expect to be riveted as a cast of engaging performers bring to life a world of climatic extremes. They will explore the light and shade of our collective water-based experience as the performance flows between Australia’s extreme droughts and floods. From the cracked, dusty ground to rising inland seas, this ensemble will physicalise real stories of joy and hardship.

This wet and muddy outdoor experience is brought to life through spoken word, fluid movement and moving visuals, encapsulating the experience of being at the mercy of our ever-harshening climate.

Directed by Zen Zen Zo company member and QUT drama student, Maxi Mossman, and told through an authentically Australian lens. Don’t miss out on this thought-provoking, sensory, debut production!

Audiences Reactions

“Deeply sentimental to our connection to the earth, exciting and innovative, current and urgent.” – Boy Renaissance 2022

Written and directed by Maxi Mossman

Produced and lighting design by Bryce Delany

Performed by Maxi Mossman, Malika Savory, Hailey Graham and Michelle Roberts

The performance is on melaleuca wetlands at Cannon Hill Anglican College