Set against the Old Skate Arena at Red Hill, which much to my surprise as not been demolished and units built in its place The Gremlins is one wacky, funny, bizarre show.

We are greeted by a Gremlin who advises to have a written will and testament, know you blood type and keep all explosives and sharp tools near by so the  pilots can use them.

The tent is made from mostly red shirts all sewn together, once we are inside we see the gremlins who are green in colour and almost steam punk in their costumes.  Their is the chief pilot, Gustav along with his fellow Gremlins who are determined to get their dysfunctional plane off the ground.

This is when we have become the passengers want to fly safely, through a comedy of errors with a language all of their own, although at times in sounded German yet other times Russian.

There mannerisms  esp the lady Gremlin with her screams and bulging eyes stole the show.

Almost slapstick but almost circus like with forks being used to catch potatoes and cabbage and yet they were trying to fly a plane, don’t worry it does make sense.

The Gremlins were created in 2010, it looks like their plane is not going to stop for fuel any time soon.

After a very “heavy” content filled 2 weeks it was refreshing to see a light hearted show