Review:Loch ard

I will be honest this show was not on my original list of things to check out at the festival but circumstances made for a re think of what I should go and see.

Twig and Berry is a cute little bar at Newstead with funky décor and the name for some reason just suited the story for tonight’s show.

Loch Ard is inspired by a true story of a ship bound for Melbourne in 1878 but unfortunately never made it as it ran into a rocky reef, only 2 of the 54 crew members and passengers survived.

Again a very young cast, with only one girl amongst the sailors at the pub.  They wanted to hear a story, a story they got.

Wonderful simple costumes, they portrayed sailors well especially the beer guzzling and “moving” around the boat.

The mate-ship between the sailors was totally believable.  The story itself I don’t if it is true or imagination but I was hooked and wanted to know more.

A great play that I believe could also have a sequel or even told from another sailor’s point of few.

It is selling out quite quickly so get in before it sinks, Loch Ard is a piece of history that I think very few Australian’s know about but after this season hopefully more people will.