Gretel Presented by Scrambled Eggs Reviewed by Natasha Hays

Once again I am paying a visit to University of Queensland which at the time of attending is full of students on their lunch break.  I could review what I have seen just from getting off my bus to the space, The Great Court where Gretel will be performed but that is for another time.

Gretel in not a fairy tale with no Hansel to speak off not that she needs one, Gretel is a strong determined young lady who wants to find her place in the world away from the village.

These 15 year old young ladies from Melbourne are terrific, one them unfortunately I can not remember who co write the play with the George Franklin yet another is talented enough to write and play the music for the piece.

Yes it is almost a musical but not a sweet as your Disney production.

This is the first time they have performed this production outdoors and In Brisbane.  For may years they have performed it at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

The young ladies were almost flawless in their delivery blocking out the distractions of students walking around, thankfully some stayed to stay and watch the performance.

Don’t be fooled by the innocent of youth these young ladies  are not as innocent as they appear with powerful voice and in song.

Emer Rafferty was a stand out as a old lady with her perfect accent and facial expressions, she is one to watch.

Talking to  George after the performance he has much praise for ATF, he would love to come back as it ticks all the boxes in his mind of what theatre is, for me they have ticked all the boxes of what I expect from theatre

This was reviewed on the 17.05.2018 for the 1pm production