Review:Glampire Masquerade

Glampire by Folly Games Reviewed by Natasha Hayes

Set at the back of the Boundary Street Markets this was a great space to experience glampires, flairwolf and Dragula.

From the moment we were greeted at the make shift box office by Sarah And Brenton I knew were in for a treat, a fun filled night.

Seating in cabaret style we were given our “tasks” for the night. would the glampires take over the world or would they be forgotten forever?

The costumes were magnificent with cleverly applied makeup to complete their look.

With a live 3 piece band who also dressed for the part they often were heard more than the songs that the glampires wanted to share with us

Everyone worked together as a team bouncing off each other and not letting the audience forget what they “needed” to do.

Their ideas keep your brain thinking but it a fun colourful way. I think a few people were just happy to let the night happen while others wanted to make it happen.

Not many props were used, the ones used were enough we were here to look and listen to the glampires with the outfits they had how could you not.

 I think they have the idea that theatre can as well as being anywhere can be anything.

These performers are brave and clever enough to take a chance to do something different and it paid off as there are only a few seats left for their third show (originally only 2 were promoted), after experiencing tonight’s performance I know why.

I look forward to seeing more of Folly games at anywhere theatre festival 2019

I attended the performance on the 11.05.2018







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  1. Rellish Creative

    Glampire Masquerade - World Domination Glampire style

    Confident, dashing, foolhardy and fabulous. Turning an old warehouse space into a cabaret stage was genius, and having an interactive element to this show made it so much fun. Not knowing what I had got myself into at first, it was evident that a lot of planning had been put into every small detail.

    Each character had clearly defined and well played parts. The set was adventurous, costumes elaborate – including the live accompaniment ‘The Rolling Bones’, and each audience member was given a part to play in the action, some obvious, some not so much. I really enjoyed the regular intervals for mingling and the cash bar was a perfect idea.

    The show itself had a bit everything, drama, comedy, nostalgia and of course mystery. If you like being social and your powers of deduction are busting to be put to use, I urge ye not tarry – last show is at 8:30pm 12th May.

    An intriguing show, attended on the 11.05.2018

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