Photographers, Reviewers and seeing other Anywhere Shows

Hoorah and congratulations! Here we are! And doesn’t it feel good….

We have just a few final touches and reminders about the oncoming weeks.

1/ Reviewers and Photographers
I will be sending you a list of reviewers and photographers that are attending your show and what dates they’ll be seeing your work. Reviewers are assigned comp tickets and are on your box office reports. However, Photographers, are not on your box office reports. Although you will know when to expect them. They are not allocated a seat. Photographers will be standing and moving around to capture the best shot possible of your show. If you have specific instructions for you photographers in terms of a preferred position for them, please make sure someone on Front of House is able to deliver this information.

2/ Seeing other Anywhere shows!
Unfortunately, this year we’re not going with artist passes but you are able to see any and as many of the Anywhere shows as you like, once each. You won’t be able to book ahead but you are able to attend if the show hasn’t sold out.

On the night, after all paying customers (online bookings and walk-ins) have been admitted into the performance or have their seats, Anywhere artists are then welcome to enjoy the show!