Although Dormant was on the programme as being performed in Toowong, it is now at the 4th Floor of the Metro Arts Building.

I had planned to see this on the 13 May but it clashed with something else, that something else was rescheduled (time and venue) so I now had a spare Friday Night so what does one do? I go through the festival guide again and find Dormant is still playing.

Lily Droud wrote and directed this amazing piece of theatre. I am not sure why the venue change but it worked even if their was music being belted out at the near by pub, that was soon forgotten especially towards the end.

Dormant tells the story of 3 housemates, Mia (Issy Jukes) Henry(Zed Hopkins)and Basil (Andrew Stevenson)and their relationship with each other, it may seem a basic story but it so much more.

Only one scene the whole time a living room with a brightly coloured couch, a big wooden hutch, an easel with a canvas just waiting to be used and a door.

There is more than just talking about feelings there is dance, painting  and a  little singing mostly by Mia

The colours in the scene represent so much, especially blue.  Giving a clue of what mental illness can be like for some people

My emotions went from curiosity, empathy, anger, empathy and joy in just over and hour and a half.

I could not walk away from what I was seeing not that I wanted to because that is what I love about theatre, it gets you in the guts and your own “world” is forgotten.

Most of the shows I have seen so far at the festival have been young people, after talking to Lily at the end of the performance (believe me I needed to debrief) I was amazed when she told me that they were only 17, the maturity of these people blew me away.

I really can’t say anymore due to my emotions are still trying to balance themselves out.

Maybe that says it all