Review:Conversations with Goddesses

10 May 7:30 This performance was held in a busy, (surprising on a Tuesday night) venue The Fox Hotel but luckily we went to level 2, the Fish Lane Studios so the buzz of downstairs was not able to be heard.

We are greeted with a small stage with a red chaise lounge, a lap top to the side and a screen on the back wall ready for the images to be projected on it.

Seating was very comfortable, personal space was not an option for this show as I was soon to discover.

Louise McCabe told the story through song, spoken word and even a bit of dance the history of the goddesses throughout time.  Her costumes were simple but were beautiful suiting each goddess.

Louise was able to transform her look and passion of each goddess  so well I really think she did her research,  I wonder if she had a favourite with each one having their only personality trait and unique story to tell.

She managed to change into each goddess quickly by leaving the stage with her helper, Technopelia (Justine Speed) using her laptop with music and images getting us “ready” to meet the next Goddess.

The audience was mostly women but the few men that were their learnt maybe there is a Goddess in the women in their lives.

I enjoyed that the Goddess Aphrodite asked our friend Shane to join, I think he was little nervous but he soon began to go along for the ride.

Just when I thought we it was time to listen 3 dancers were needed to tell some more of the story of Diana so I was one of two other ladies her dressed in the part and began a Xanadu dance, yes the 70’s are alive and well.

To end the night the performance things slowed down and goddesses in the audience began to accept they are their own goddesses who deserve to be loved by mortals all around the world.

This production is on until the 12 May

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  1. Is that you, S&M Barbie? Definitely showcased some fantastic moves last night!
    I’ve just posted my own review, and it’s good to see another one up here, particularly one so positive – I personally didn’t connect much to the show, though I thought Louise’s performance was so exuberant and fun that I wish I had!

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