Review:Click Cafe

Click Cafe is interactive but in a very different way.

I booked a ticket for myself , yes just me I was following the “rules”

Once you have booked you are sent an email confirming your mobile phone number, phone type and what of the lists of apps selected do you use on your phone.

Only after you have answered these are you told where to meet 10 mins before your chose time.

I was advised to meet at a lovely walking spot near the Brisbane river.

the chat began through facebook messenger, like any fist date we talked about the weather, what we did for a living

Although on a first date you aren’t asked to create a user name and avatar (lucky I had a picture in my phone I could use)

I then made up a story about someone I could see from where I was

I then was asked to take a photo of something beautiful and unique and I was sent one back.

I could not recognise the place so I told click thinking that he or she would reveal themselves and say “I am kidding I just like the photo”

No, I was told that was in Greenwich, London where it was early morning, whether it was true I still don’t know but I went along for the ride.

Another photo was taken in memory of our time together and I was told that all the stories will be collated and sent to the participants

I was actually sad to say goodbye to Click but it was an afternoon that took me to another part of Brisbane that I never knew existed and if I ever go there again I will always remember Click.