Z24 REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Z24 presented by Kristian Fletcher Events reviewed by Natasha Hayes

This production is being filmed live, these talented performers hope the audience show up.  The studio is  Mowbray  Town Hall.

Starting at 8am finishing 10pm that night this news but not as you know it

We went the 10am session Liberty Hell was at the desk who introduced us to 3 musical “stars”

Parody was all through this skit so funny unfortunately Dave and I were the only people in the audience.

I hope more people were watching at home.

Other topics inc cooking, finance,  kids show.

These performers were quick thinking as improv came into play a lot.

We were given a tv guide my goodness so much techincal credits that went on behind the scenes.

Each performer played multiple characters throughout the day.

I am looking forward to seeing the other performances (as it has now  ended) so I can see the performers in other roles and I hope later in the day more audience members showed up as a lot of hard work went into this show.

Reviewed 26.05.2018 10am