Review: Your Movement Through Life

Review by Korey Brennan

NOTE: As someone who is much more comfortable at reviewing theatre and performance, I must confess that my perception of the installation exhibit of “Your Movement Through Life”, might be somewhat lost on me, however the essence of art is unique to each it touches, so I shall forge on with no further excuses!

Approaching the entrance to the exhibit, brochures can be found instructing viewers to find the planet or star sign they most identify with, a selection of which were on display, and to take it with them, as it contained instructions and information about the piece. The construction that had gone into transforming a learning space into a living exhibit, through lighting, sound and smoke effects was incredible. Hanging in the space were a collection of tablet devices, playing videos which were holographically projected, so as to allow the horizontal surface to present the short, looping videos. These included lunar cycles, rotating planets, and the sun. The projections were coupled with a voice over which gave an ethereal perception to the space, and explained how planets relate to astrology. This section of the room, being dimly lit, and surrounded by spinning holograms, sound and smoke was the standout of the exhibit.

Attached to the other side of the room, however, were tables set up with workshop stations. One allowed patrons to create their own projectors out of plastic and access the Instagram account on their phones. This allowed the participants of the workshop to create their own projectors using their phones or tablet devices, which gave an interactive element to the displayed pieces. The other activity offered was to partner the star sign or planet that was offered at the door with an image or quote that spoke most to the person reading it. These became frames for the sign, and depicted iconography that represented the planet. The exhibit was well put together and offered an insight into what Your Movement Through Life describes as “the impact and significance of disruptive events in an interconnected world”. Having witnessed the displayed art, and forging my own horoscope, I left the exhibit feeling excited about the future to come.

Your Movement Through Life was an isolated show, and no further exhibits will take place in the 2016 season of the Anywhere Festival.