Review: Tragedy!

Reviewed by Bonnie Baguley

Tragedy is like watching a good friend try to make you laugh – hilarious in parts and cringe inducing in others. The one-hour one-woman show opens with a comical clip of star of the night Elizabeth Scales flinging herself around in time to Zorba the Greek music and howling for her lost mobile phone. It’s hysterically funny and has the audience in stitches as does Scales entrance- toga clad, one hand raised & mumbling under her breath. It is Monty Python style ridiculousness at it’s best.

It unfolds that Artemis (Scales), the Greek goddess, has been sent down to earth by her father Zesus to chastise the human race for their disregard for religion. Meanwhile in heaven a meeting is taking place to organize a godly restructuring to make them relevant to todays millennials. The action concludes with a make-over of the gods for the current times. Hermes, messenger to the gods, becomes the god of social media and DJ for all social narcissistic needs while Hestia, goddess of the home, becomes the goddess of IKEA, shabby chic and uncontrollable mortgage debts.

Unfortunately the show does not entirely fulfill initial expectations. While Scales’s performance is captivating and well executed, the dialogue is frequently repetitive and often labours the point. The themes she raises, of the role of modern day religion and organizational restructuring, are interesting and perfect comedy fodder but the script could use some serious editing to make it faster moving and wittier. Scales’s performance definitely drew a laugh but with a just a little script ‘restructuring’ it could have truly been an outstanding show.