There’s No Sex ’til the Third Act REVIEW by Caz Kropp

Does it ever bother you that nobody goes to the toilet in the movies? Why no scenes in theatre are ever set in the bathroom? Do actor’s even poop? Well this is the show for your inquisitive mind. You’re not going to follow one character with a particularly bad UTI, no you’re going to find out what happens in the precious sanctuary of a woman’s bathroom. What happens? I’m not going to spoil the show for you but trust me, it’s a wild ride from start to finish. It can be uncomfortable at times peeping into a private space but that’s the point. You’ll laugh, you’ll feel bad for the janitor, you may even learn something.

But The Latecomer’s peel back a second curtain. The actors are visible at all times, a webcam and screen mean you see them literally all the time. The acting may not always be perfect but this isn’t a show about perfection. It’s a show where things can and will go wrong and when they do they audience will have a front row seat and that show takes courage to perform. The star of the show is this peeling back, especially the live foley. There is a lot to watch on stage but make sure you keep an eye out for Finley Kube, they have the hardest job of the evening but it is certainly a highlight. Just don’t ask what the bananas are for.

The Latecomer’s aren’t hiding anything, I mean, really they are specifically not hiding anything and it’s a fun show because of it. You’re getting what it says on the tin, it’s 18+ for a reason. If words like liminality scare you, go to see it done well. If you don’t know a dime about big scary postdramatic words, go to see what is truly a fantastic original work. It’s a show worth seeing because you aren’t going to get the opportunity to see many shows like this one.

Caz Kropp

The reviewer attended the Monday 14th May performance.

Dates: 15, 17 May @ 8.00pm, 16 May @ 7.00pm

Tickets: Here