There’s No Sex till the Third Act REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

No sex till the third act Presented by The Latecomers reviewed by Natasha Hayes

If you have ever wondered what really happens behind the ladies toilet doors in a club somewhere in the world then this is the play for you.

The Bearded Lady at West End, well at least the stage has been transformed into two toilet cubicles complete  with graffiti .

The performers tell their stories behind the toilet doors but thanks to a screen and cleverly used sound effects we are able to see and hear their stories

These young ladies and one gentleman do not play characters per se but use real life experiences (maybe there own maybe not) to tell us what goes on behind closed doors.

With an awesome soundtrack just loud enough to be heard not like most clubs where you often have to shout to talk to friends.

Their timing was spot on like most ladies toilets you often wait to have a pee when you do it is a relief so I guess it was waiting for the line to be delivered to know your did it well is a relief.

There are sad moments, happy moments and tragic moments.

Us ladies can relate to the stories but that should not stop you going to check out this wonderful production, hey gentlemen you might learn a thing or two.

I saw this production on the 15.05.2018