REVIEW: The Sexy Detective’s Sexy Directive

Ever gone on an office camping trip with a recently demoted HR worker? Been fired from the family business? Met a prince with an absorbed twin? Or received a purple space heart for purple space bravery? No? Then you’re in luck – your chance to experience all this and more comes neatly packaged in this rapid-fire sketch comedy.

The Sexy Detectives do an admirable job with their dry and irreverent writing and over-the-top delivery, definitely funny but not quite hilarious – laughs come often but there’s nothing next-level. Adult but not risque, the 9-5 office is the default setting for most sketches, occasionally taking a turn into world of sci-fi or fantasy, but you needn’t be a fan of geek culture to appreciate the humour. A couple of sketches can become tireseome and simple variations of the same joke, but in general it’s fast, loose, and well-crafted.

West End’s The Bearded Lady is comfy and relaxed, and initially seems perfect as a venue for a night of comedy – but its rowdy charm soon wears thin as the sounds of patrons and piano refrains from the front room of the bar drift in through to the stage. The criminal act of drowning out critical lines shows it to be ill-suited for much other than live music – also irritating were the technical issues that plagued the performance, and though I can imagine these will be only a one-time issue, for this particular showing they were prevalent throughout.

Despite a few minor snags, it’s an easy sell. Though their stint as part of the Anywhere fest for this year has now ended, comedy fans shouldn’t miss any opportunities to see the gang in future – just hope we don’t have to wait until next year.


Reviewed by Jason Lomas

Learn more about The Sexy Detective’s Sexy Directive here.

This review is based on the reviewer’s experience of the performance on May 24.