Review- The Sexy Detectives’ Sexy Directive

Performed at The Bearded Lady (great bar, great beer, great choice in music) in West End, The Sexy Detectives’ Sexy Directive was marred by a couple of technical issues from the get go. For reasons unknown the show had to be moved back an hour and a half and there were a couple of technical issues with the lights failing. In saying that, for those who don’t read past the first few lines let me clarify. Should you go and see these guys? Yes, absolutely.

The Sexy Detectives are comprised of a trio of comedians; David Massingham, Luke Allan and Michael Griffith. An honorary fourth mention should probably also be given to Griffiths’ moustache which, like the salmon, was a “religious experience”. Throughout the night the show hurtled through various skits at a breakneck pace, rarely pausing for breath. Not even letting the aforementioned lighting issues break their stride, they simply incorporated it into the act and carried on with the extra laughs as though it were scripted.

From an episode of 60 Minutes where the main presenter was fired on air, “We’d like you to clear out your desk by the end of the hour, tick tick tick tick” to the cut-throat world of family owned small businesses almost every skit was cut down to the bare essentials so as not to outstay its welcome. In fact the only one that didn’t really hit the mark for me was set on a space station with a couple of bumbling staff. Perhaps as something shorter or even just personal preference, it just didn’t work for me. That aside, episodes involving lost German shepherds, conferences on the English language and trying to recover your keys at the scene of a truly horrifying domestic showed a love of absurdism, subverting expectations and bad puns which is right up my alley.

One of the few flaws of the night was that with so many sketches happening one after the other, after a while it all starts to blur and it can be difficult to pick out highlights. I think this is more related to the nature of sketch comedy however. Admittedly, I’m nitpicking here. This was one of the most easily enjoyable shows I’ve seen in a while. And if there were only one or two highlights that especially stood out it was only because the majority of the show was of such consistently high quality.

If it wasn’t already clear, I had a great night. The show was consistently entertaining and the trio are obviously seasoned performers, comfortable with riffing off each other and undeterred by the occasional setback. Easily one of the highlights of the Anywhere Festival.

Review written by Joshua Scott based on the 24 May 2015 performance.

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