Review: The Moon Men

Review by Natasha Hayes.

Written and Directed by Esther Dougherty The Moon Men tells the story of Anthony (Tyler Morrisson) and Winona (Brigid Holt) who have decided to dance the night the night away before the end of the world.

This  plan  is put to a end when The Moon Men land from the moon,obviously !

The moon men are Claude (Pavie Banovic) Emily (Lewis Holmes), Brandon(Gina Limpus) and Jacqueline (Kelsey Taylor)

Other characters include Gorilla the Moth (Martelle Simon-Green), Cottontail the Moth,(Finley Kube), Benny Game as the Wandering Jew and Sam Rapley as Pinot Grigio.

The costumes were beautifully made by Hannah Beier with lots of colour for the moths using feathers and marbled patterns, the moon men coats were influenced by Medieval surcoats and Pinot Grigio’s robe and headdress has to be seen to be believed.

The performance

This was performed at underneath The Greaser Bar in Fortitude Valley, which I hoped would be a quiet enough space for a busy venue but unfortunately there were two many outside noises to really get what was happening, at least for the first part.

The moon men were great with their facial expressions and movements around the space was more effective at telling the story than the  words being spoken.

I got lost half way through the show but it picked up again towards the end.

I think it was a little too much talking that I did not understand or maybe if their was less outside noises I may have got the concept.

A quieter venue would have helped these performers because you could see they really had the passion behind what they were doing but unfortunately it all ended with me not really “getting it”