Review: The Gremlins

Reviewed by Bonnie Baguley

If you enjoy slapstick humor and love physical stunts then Bent Schematic’s The Gremlins is the perfect fit for you.

Upon arrival at the ticket booth we are checked for flammable materials, advised to know our blood type and cautioned to have a will and testament on hand. A fun and bumpy ride appears unavoidable.

We join the other patrons in boarding the flight for the Gremlin’s budget, unfinished and only 28% reliable, airline. The set design is a nod to creativity, with a clever mix of sewn together fabric and machinery forming the derelict aircraft. With a lot of yelling the dysfunctional gremlin family introduces themselves and the show itself gets underway with plenty of fast action and slick physical theatre. It’s reminiscent of a Cirque du Soleil clown performance and it comes as no surprise afterward to discover that one of the actors is an ex alumnus.

It is humorous and professionally done act but lacks a story line and the gremlin’s nonsensical babble in place of real dialogue tends to alienate the audience. We finish much the same way we began, with the airline on the ground, the flight and show not having traveled much in any way.

It’s a performance that divides the audience- if you come simply for a few a few laughs and some entertaining action you’ll leave satisfied, but if you are craving more plot or character development you’d do best to look elsewhere.