The Giggleback Kidz are a broken former child-star singing group at the end of a failed reunion tour. Ruth, Simon and Ricky just want to go home but Molly is the desperate glue trying to stick them together (for her own volition, of course). The show was hilarious, filled with ridiculously catchy songs and an oddly truthful sentiment on what making art is actually like.

All of the songs were hilarious and tongue in cheek, but in a way that made me feel that I might have hated them were they sung by people less talented. Highlights of the night included “Insect-appeal”, a knock off of the Chicago classic “Cell Block Tango” in which the group divulge their sexual awakenings (the transgression which supposedly led to the downfall of the group); and of course, the strange, awkward and sincere reconciliation song between Ruth and Simon (ex-husband and wife, now reluctant friends?). “We’re better off,” they agree. “And now I can cut my sandwiches however I like,” Simon professes. So real.

Through all of its humour, The Giggleback Kidz! Resonated with me through its comment on what its like to work in the arts. Between Ruth and Ricky desperately pushing their work; Molly, who can’t land a real job and has to survive off “mum’s money”; and finally Simon, who has settled into a practical real estate gig and has put music behind him, this is no rose-coloured glass presentation of what making performance is like. It’s hard and sure, your dreams are achievable but only if they’re reasonable, as the final song reminds us. The point of the show is not to dwell on this, though, but to laugh, enjoy the music and have a good time. Young Goose Productions has delivered a performance that’s not only technically quite brilliant (those songs are still stuck in my head!) but also doesn’t take itself too seriously.

There are only three performances left, so if you want a ticket get in quick!

This review is based on the reviewer’s experience of the performance on the 12th of May.
Full disclaimer: This reviewer is friends with cast and creatives of the show and donated to their pozible campaign.