Review : The Foxy Morons present I love a sunburnt country

Hotel LA on a Sunday afternoon, not usually a venue I would visit but Anywhere Festival takes me to some interesting places.

We are given the back of the bistro to see Shazza and Jamie-Lee take us on a trip around Australia.

Ticket price include a simple lunch which much to my surprise was not pie and chips

The girls are dressed as hostess on colours representing our Australia flag (blue skirt, white shirt and red headpieces)

It is all very “tongue in cheek” but what they were saying is very true.  they spoke and often sung about visitors to Australia, our animals and of course our drinking culture.

A powerpoint presentation on the back wall displayed  our icons that make Australia what it is.

The second was much more entertaining than the first with the girls becoming much more relaxed as they changed into their sequinned dresses.

More catchy songs were sung and  a cheerleading routine completed the afternoon fun.

To be honest I am embarrassed at the state of affairs in Australia.  I don’t like where it is going.   I am hoping things change, maybe after the election things will.

After this afternoon’s performance I admire the positivity of the girls, maybe they have taught me to look at the good things Australia has going for it, well I guess I could for an hour or so.