REVIEW: The Foxy Morons Present: I Love A Sunburnt C*ntry

Riding high from their award winning 2015 Short and Sweet Cabaret show, The Foxy Morons are back with a fully fledged hour long edition of I Love A Sunburnt C*ntry. Jamiee-Lee (Xanthe Jones) and Shazza (Phoebe Ballard) are two fierce and foxy babes who aren’t to be messed with, especially when they’re pretty endearingly messy themselves. The two true blue ladies burst their way into the Hotel LA pub to invade their opening night audience’s sneaky wednesday wines (or if you’re Shazza, vodka cranberry) for a rude, rowdy and self righteous night of laughter. The two women centre their standup-meets-cabaret satire show around a cross country tour that jumps between a range of recognisable (and sometimes regrettable) cities, tourist locations, and modes of transport. From mile high rides with Not-Virgin airlines, to a choppy boat voyage on the SS Slut Drop, these foxy morons power through dozens of topics with fantastic satire and social commentary throughout.

While their characters are comedic, the commentary is spot on. Hilarious highlights include a turbulent flight through the friend zone, educational biology lessons on the “Sydney CBD mole”, and sexy strip shows that add cheeky shakes and spins to tracks by Guy Sebastian and Kylie Minogue. The show also covered more concerning issues such as the tampon tax, the recent UQ Bake sale abuse on Facebook, date rape, and the overall “hard” life of a wealthy western straight white male. While presenting these issues through satire and sarcasm may initially be considered taboo, the ladies hold themselves together and show the topics with respect by swapping from roleplaying as problematic personas to more honest venting about sexism and oppression from their own perspectives.

The powerful women are passionate and unapologetic, especially considering they opened the night with period jokes as the audience ate their pub meals. They fill their hour long set with an array of catchy crack up songs, dance numbers that range from olympic opening ceremony worthy to endearingly uncomfortable, and costume changes that are each more surprising and creative than the last. The only time the women meander towards being apologetic is when they zip to the side of their stage to write a tick on their “fuck up board”. The ladies compete for who can hold the chaotic show together best with a cheeky and fun strategy that exploits the unavoidable realities of raw standup comedy. This technique is matched with their ruthless ability to hold character and crack jokes in the most awkward of stage stumbles and countless cringeworthy (but forgivable) tech issues. The pub setting in the anywhere festival allows Shazza and Jamiee-Lee to trust in the audience to enjoy themselves as they fill our evening with unrelenting comedy.

The Foxy Morons are a fun and fantastic example of what the Anywhere festival should be. They cover content in desperate need of discussion and remind Australians of our most cringeworthy moments in a consistently entertaining and engaging way. With pub trivia, and songs and stories that range from heartbreaking to harkening, this creative show continues to power its way one festival to the next.

Written by Rhumer Diball.

This review is based on the reviewer’s experience of the opening night performance on Wednesday May 11th.

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