Review: The Fever

On a cold winter’s night in West End I make my way to a warehouse, I see so many been converted to utilised spaces with the ground full of food stalls with people eating and drinking.

I see a sign saying this way to The Fever I walk up two flights of stairs, I am greeted at the door where I am taken to a small room with only fairy lights, music playing and a table in the centre of the room.

The Fever is a one man show written by Wallace Shawn who has performed in many movies and tv series inc The Princess Bride and Clueless.

The Fever stars Zachary Boulton and directed by Anatoly Frusin.

This is an amazing experience, Zachary is a man (no name) who wakes up in a hotel room with a fever and panic about the life he lives.

So begins an adventure into the human mind, our thoughts, our morals, our own way of how we live our life is questioned.

Zachary is brilliant in this role, he holds my attention,  his expressive eyes and with his other mannerisms bring me back to him if the conversation gets to heavy.

I felt I was living his life, experiencing what he was, not all of it positive.

His use of the space is as he moves around is a pleasure to watch, most of the time he is the same person but different facets of his personalities are exposed.

I am amazed Zachary Boulton could remember such an intense monologue but then he is qualified in such skill.

As a fellow human being you owe it to yourself to get to this space and see this  “story” of what being a human in the 21st century is really like.

I think we are all gripped by The Fever or we should be.