The Bohemian and the Machine REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

The Bohemian and The Machine presented by A Very Theatre Company reviewed by Natasha Hayes

Again at by the time I saw this show it was the last one. After performing the previous Fridays I was concerned that 7 days between shows the actors might loose their character but my fears soon faded from the moment the stepped on “stage”

This production was performed on the ground floor of The Comissariat Store in William Street.

This was a great venue with no distactions unlike another production by the same company earlier in the festival.

We are introduced to Paul and Izzy as we watch their relationship with each other and others in their life develop, grow, change over 10 years.

How can they form a connection?  when the universe in more ways than you might think is saying they should not be together.

These actors were very believeable in what words were spoken and body language used.

They switched between time so well not letting up the pace which kept me hooked on what will happen next for these characters.

Again another play which could be written for young people but the “troubles” they deal with could happen at age well almost.

I really enjoyed this performance  they stayed in character I felt grateful at the honesty of them as people and somehow left a bit more humble after the experience

Thank you for reminding me that we are all human and that sometimes love can be in many forms

Reviewed on the 25.05.2018