As we reach the final few days of the anywhere festival the expression “save the best to last” is ringing in my ears.

Tonight I was headed to Boggo Road Jail which closed it doors officially in 2002.  Since then it has been used for various “events” and tours are conducted regularly

So it makes sense Zeal Theatre’s production of The Apology is held where the story begins

Only  2 Actors,  Sam Foster and Hayden Jones but perform 18 characters do an amazing job, it is a sad story that unfortunately  becoming a common subject matter, bullying and what happens when its get too much.

This play was written a long time ago, especially for high school students but bullying is happening more than in just schools

The intensity of the play just builds until you know what is going to happen but still a shock when it does.

I hope this play continues to be shown at schools but we were lucky to have seen it in Boggo Road Jail as there is a submission for the site to become restaurants/cafes.

This is the second performance I have seen this festival that tackles bullying, this one was much more gutsy and leaved a bad taste in my mouth

The ghosts of Boggo Road were watching, being reminder of a what may have happened to them in jail

Only two performances left get your tickets now