Review: Straight on until Morning

Saturday 14 May 7:30 I found myself outside The Foundry one of Brisbane’s newest performance space for live music.

We waited outside the space to be greeted by a nurse who ticked off our names, she then asked for a audience member to hand out wrist bands and a free drink token for the end of the night.

As we went inside we saw a a gentleman by the name of Hook playing on a pianola, soon we were greeted by a dancer Dr Bell who gave me a paper crane and asked me to think about a childhood memory a happy one.

Up the stairs we went, this is where the story of the patients Peta and Wendy began, I understood were were in a mental asylum.

We moved around the space, some of us stayed with now known as Dr Hook while others followed Dr Bell or more affectionately known as Tink “as she tinkers around”

Produced by Ruckus Poetry Slam, the performers were great, I think I lost my nerve a few times, I guess being asked to staying in a bathroom with very little light for some of the performance did not help.

Lots of the rooms were used and the corridors were dark with only torchlight to guide us.

This was a very clever story about a different side of Neverland that is right here in Brisbane.

Please go and see it, the more people who go the better the experience

Performing again 19th 20th and 21st