S**t Storm presented by A Very Theatre company Reviewed by Natasha Hayes

University Campuses are huge especially University Of Queensland so for opening night of this show it was going to be a challenge to find exactly where the actors would be.

Unfortunately I missed the first 5-10 minutes of this production so by the time I arrived the background to the story had been told.

The stage was tiny in front of the University of Queensland’s Art Gallery but with only four thespians on stage it was enough.

There were very little props that were used effectively by the cast with no back stage or helpers the cast moved what needed to be moved by themselves.

The lighting was well used in such a small space which normally I just know is there but this time it really stood out.

Sadly for the cast the fountain that was on the grounds was not able to be turned off until at least 40 mins in to the show as “security had another issue to deal with” so at times it was hard to hear what was being said although some patrons laughed in some parts that lost me.

The content of the show seemed quite light hearted but in parts became quite “heavy”
Patrons were offered the chance to see again for free but unfortunately this is not an option for me as I am seeing some other shows at the same time this is on again.

This same company is producing another show later in the festival at another venue so I am hoping there are no distractions as I can see that these young people have worked hard to put on a quality show and obviously have another story to tell.

I attended the 10.05.2018 production

S**T Storm