At only 45 minutes I wondered if it was worth the trip into the city but hey I was involved in the festival for the long hall. This show was held upstairs of The Victory Hotel, being a Monday night it was very quiet which made a change from the usual surroundings of the venues I have been at.

Somnia is the story of 2 young people who have experienced bullying I thought being a female and male there experiences may have been different but I was wrong.

Bullying hurts deeply, it asks the questions of why do people bully? what to do when you are being bullied and who are the types of people who bully?

At only 5 people in the crowd it was a shame but maybe the word will get out and their final two performances the numbers will pick up.

I thought of my own teenage life was I a bully or was I bullied ? but then bullying can happen even when you are not a teenager.

This performance needs to be shown at schools so hopefully it will give potential bullies an idea of what being bullied does to a person.

The answer is found in the title of the play, sadly it can  be Somnia.