Signed and Sealed REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Signed and Sealed presented by Fusebox Productions reviewed by Natasha Hayes

A play about a artist and the dramas with her staff on a opening night showing of her art work of course will be at Woollongabba Art Gallery

This was a very interactive play where you could choose who to listen to behind a curtain making sure you don’t step over the black tape or staying away from the curtain and walk around the gallery floor.

Full credit to one of the performers who had to step in with only a weeks notice to learn her part.

I loved all the characters yes even though the artist was portrayed as nasty she had her flaws but I found the good in her.

Great simple costumes by all the characters in fact the bling worn by the artist assistant, Sylvia stands out more than the art itself.  As jewellery I don’t mind this at all

Cleverly placed on easels in between the artwork of the artist in residence, Ian Smith at the gallery is the art of the artist in the show.

This is a company I would like to see more of in the future in a different venue could really enhance some of the talent they already have.

Reviewed the 26.05.2018 performance