Review: Showgirls on Tour – Jodie B. Sloan

Starring Trigger Happy, Nolens Volens (and her boylesque alter-ego Baron Von Envy) and Ladyle Feu, Showgirls on Tour is a brilliant hour of bawdy comedy, sultry performances, and glittery truth bombs about life as a showgirl on the road.

A lot’s covered in the short running time, from avoiding dodgy blokes on supply trips to Bunnings, and awkward moments at the Maccas drive-through, to battling internet trolls, and embracing the empowering nature of burlesque. When the jokes land, it’s hilarious, and when they don’t, it’s often even funnier, as the performers roll with the punches, and keep the energy high. The burlesque itself is wonderful, and Trigger Happy steals the show with a performance that will ensure you won’t be able to watch Shrek in quite the same way again.

At its heart, Showgirls on Tour is a celebration of grassroots burlesque, a reflection on what it takes to reach the top from three local stars who really put in the hours to get there. It’s a shout out to the long rehearsal processes, the expensive costumes, and the lessons learned along the way. Whether you’re a seasoned burlesque fan or just got dragged along (and pulled up on stage – sorry boyfriend), this heartfelt, hilarious, and a little bit saucy show guarantees a good night – provided you’re 18+ of course!

Showgirls on Tour‘s run at the Daily Planet Cafe has come to an end, but never fear! Anywhere Festival was just a testing ground, and there are plans to tour the show in the near future. In the meantime, check out one of the many burlesque shows in and around Brisbane, and get your pastie fix! Hell, maybe even give it a go yourself – any excuse for a trip to Bunnings!

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Note: Show has finished its run.

Reviewer attended the May 22nd performance.

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