Showgirls on Tour REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Showgirls on Tour presented by Happy Barron Productions reviewed by Natasha Hayes

Unfortunately at the time of writing this review the final show has been done and dusted so the opportunity to see this production has passed but hopefully the 4 talented burlesque performers will come back at another time.

I am back at the Daily Planet this time there is cabaret seating with the small area sold out, if 20 people is a sell out!!?

This could almost be billed as a documentary as the performers narrated with actions their way through the performance of what it is like to be a a burlesque performer.

Their costumes were complete with fish nets, sparkling beads,feathers, gloves and glitter as stated “you shit pink glitter for a week”

What a loved “Trigger Happy” is a male burlesque  dancer which you don’t see often, after his routine put it this way you will never see Shrek in the same way again.

The routines got cheers from the crowd even when Triggers mum said too much he handled it well.

This group are so much fun to watch they certainly made me laugh but then I also loved the dialogue they certainly changed the rule of “what goes on tour stays on tour”

I would have like to seen the assistant, who was known as the sex kitten perform a routine, she obviously had her reasons why she did not.

Great job !

reviewed 22.05.2018 performance