Romeo & Juliet & Friends REVIEW by Natasha Hayes

Romeo and Juliet and Friends presented by Pastiche Theatre Collective

I have seen many productions/interpretations of Romeo and Juliet as I love the story and the words said or in some cases not said.

This production had a small cast of 4 ( 2 males and 2 females ) so multiple roles were required.

Dressed in black bottoms and white shirts you could be mistaken for thinking they were wait staff if not for the ruffled neck piece.

This was not going to be your typical Shakespeare play

A simple “stage”that let the audience see the cast in the process of warming up.
Shakespeare and his gift of words was brilliantly spoken by all cast members then to change the tone with modern speak is a challenge for the mind as well as the lips
Romeo was terrific with the use of his voice but the real gift was his body language especially towards his Juliet
The interpretation of the nurse may be even better than Shakespeare’s
The cast switched characters with ease although simple costume changes may have helped.
For a sad story parts were quite funny who would have thought Romeo and Juliet could be a comedy.
Being a small venue I felt connected to the characters which is often lost in a large production
This production showed that simple is often the best
I discovered that the cast only had a rehearsal period of 3 weeks so well done to all involved.
This reviewer saw this production on the 12.05.2018