Review: Purgatorio

Presented by Attic Erratic and 5Pound theatre this production was not a première production like most of the other shows I had seen.

Staring Jason Cavanagh (also co founder of 5pound theatre) and Freya Pragt this piece was the most mainstream of all the performances but of course it was not held in a traditional theatre space.

The audience was carefully ushered into the space by going down a ladder and told whether you are male or female which determined which side of the net hanging from the ceiling you sat on.

I was a male so I faced the man who had no name with the net behind him while the other half of the audience faced the woman, again with no name and the net behind her.

The core synopsis of the story that the director, Celeste Cody would like us to know is love.  Can you still love someone even if they have committed the most unthinkable of acts?

Written by Argentinian-Chilean author Ariel Dorfman this production was intense, heart stopping and for me I think I did not breath until the end of the show, OK I did but put it this way the world stopped and I just forgot that this was a play, in just over an hour I began to know these people and just wanted to help them love each other again.

Celeste believes that theatre should make you feel and feel I did, I left the space emotionally exhausted.  I connected more with the man but maybe if I had been a female and faced the woman I may have connected more with her.

This production is what theatre is all about stepping out of the comforts of what ever normal is for you and transporting you to another place

Even though more than a week has passed since seeing this production I am still at a loss of what I can say except more accolades need to be given to actors than they currently do.