Review: Private Moments

Another Double Bill to finish my Anywhere Festival experience for 2016.  The performances were a one woman and one man show respectively

Heading over to the Southside tea room at Morningside became a small space with a few seats with in aisle in between, we were permitted to bring drinks in from the bar next door while watched and/or waited for the performances.

Both shows were produced by Melbourne company, Second Breakfast.  Written by Sarah Clarke, Semi Charmed told the story of what it is like to meet some in this age of technology.  We never meet Daphne’s date, David but we know what he is saying/thinking through text messages  he is sending as she gets ready.  There are limited props of make up and clothes to try on before she goes out the door.

This made me smile especially when she kept changing  outfits I ask you which girl has not done that in her life before meeting her date for the night.   She also sang a few songs about lost loves and new beginnings.

It was a fun production, I wonder was it based on true life experience, just changing her name because she can.

The second show, written by Mark Salvestro, Buried At Sea was the story of his  Great Great Uncle George Edward Bradford died aboard the hospital ship at Gallipoli. He was 22-years-old.  With a painting of him in the background and piano at the side of the “stage” he told the story of the man that was.  Switching between present day and becoming Edward this story was worth listening to.  I am not usually interested in war stories but that was only part of the story.  With songs thrown in I felt I was transported back in time.

A lot more serious production and I thought the context of the singing suited the atmosphere, I wonder if this one too was a true story

Mark  was much more engaging than “Daphne” but then the storyline was very different.

So that was anywhere festival 2016 done and dusted, thank you to Ally and Paul for bringing some amazing shows to Brisbane, thank you to the actors for braving your hearts and souls  and finally thank you to the audience members without you there would be no festival so spread the word about Anywhere Festival so we can get to see some more amazing productions in 2017 and beyond