‘Plunge’ creatively explores the delicate beginnings of relationships through contemporary dance, text and narrative. It is a visually powerful piece that is not afraid to take its time. It delves into that ‘moment’ when you take the risk to make a connection with someone. There can be anxiety, excitement and joy at being accepted, and also crushing humiliation and rejection.

The two highly talented performers, Joel Fenton and Jean Goodwin, are stunning in their movements, control and energy as they embody the potential lovers. You can feel the intimacy in the air and ‘Yoga-Me Studio’ provides a great space with its mirrors, barres and wooden floor.

Then the mood changes with a sliding doors effect, showing the other possibilites of cruel rejection and how that can affect us.The choreography and Joel’s impressive skills capture beautifully the depths of despair, anger and reduction of self. Jean’s well delivered monologue only adds to the pain and her words are like wounds that keep being fired at the rejected man. The narrative swings between the two to show both sides, interspersed with dialogue and contemporary dance. An engaging movement sequence displays the complexities of a relationship, the coming together, the brush offs, the persistence, the rejection all building to the final moment where it gets violent, when boundaries have been overstepped. The piece then ends rather abruptly with an extremely powerful monologue from Jean about her body and how she controls it.

‘Plunge’ is a thought provoking piece that draws you in totally as you witness the development and destruction of possible relationships before your eyes. A creative blend of dance, physical theatre and text. Go see it!