Another one person,show, this seems to be regular occurrence this festival, not that I am complaining.

Pinch Me is out the back of The lucky duck Cafe at Highgate Hill (this performance at least as earlier performances were held elsewhere)

Presented by The Dead Owl Factory with the high energy performance by Katelyn Panagiris.

Pinch Me tells the story of a girl who wants to share her dream with us, through spoken word, images on the wall that kept changing (computer operated) and physical movement, I like to call dance but then there was also jogging too.

There was also possibly the world’s biggest dream catcher in the doorway.

At first Pinch Me reminded me of Alice In Wonderland but then the story became much more modern day.

Katelyn performed this beautifully wit so much passion, I felt like I was going on the dream with her.

Was it a dream though?  Maybe it was a young girl who was growing up and seeing the world through adult eyes.

This performance was well written, it had me engrossed the whole time.

Unfortunately at the time of this review the season had ended at the Anywhere Festival but I hope it is shown again in a small space so Katelyn can share her dreams once again.