Review: People piss in here

Where  to spend the final show of the festival (for me at least) why of course the female changing rooms at the Valley Pool of course.

You need a toilet, all is good you have found a clean one, but then there is no toilet paper

What do you do a) just walk out b) find a tissue in your bag c) have a panic attack

Answer is c) of course they other two a viable answers but would not make confronting theatre

Written by ISOBEL MARMION  who also stars along side  JESSICA MCKERLIE

This show explores the issues that people who suffer from anxiety often have to deal with, the sufferer and those around them.

At times I felt uncomfortable being there I felt I was stepping in when they need alone time

Then I would laugh when maybe I shouldn’t have, then I wanted to hug them both saying I understand

My emotions ran all over the place, like someone having a anxiety attack

This was an awesome production, I really enjoyed it, the relationship between the two girls was a pleasure to watch

I hope that Brisbane can see more of the work from Crowtown

Well done to all!!