REVIEW: Paul Culliver is the Best Newcomer

Welcome back Anywhere Festival Frankston! What a way to kick off the next two weeks of a variety of performances in and around Frankston with the comedic energy of Paul Culliver.

Fresh from a highly acclaimed debut at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, Paul was very much at ease with his content and audience. He was vibrant, immediately likable and full of energy. He effortlessly engaged the audience with his tales of internet dating, the possible ‘excitement’ of nuclear war and his search for the perfect coffee. Most of his material was sprinkled with a Melbourne flavour and his particular story about Robert Doyle gave the small but appreciative audience some solid laughs.

Speaking of coffee, Stereo Espresso (the first specialty coffee shop in Frankston) was a perfect venue for this intimate gathering with its funky lighting, stark white walls and metal stools.

Delivering comedy to a small audience of varying ages always has its challenges – how do you make everyone laugh? connect with them? keep it relevant? make them feel comfortable with only a handful of others? But Paul Culliver did all this! Yes at times, he paused, possibly changed some of his material, got the burbs but all the while he did it with honesty, energy and the skills of a wonderful storyteller.

Paul Culliver certainly has a big and bright future ahead!

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